Richard Lipp is a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Graduating from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Fine Art majoring in Photography and Sound, Lipp's work is highly considered and meticulously executed on both conceptual and technical levels.

Enjoying success nationally with exhibitions in both public and private galleries in Victoria and Western Australia, in 2011 Richard was published in an art history book titled New Romantics: Darkness and Light in Australian Art by Simon Gregg (Australian Scholarly Publishing).

Preferred format for image capture is a medium format Mamiya RB67, using analogue film ( pictured, right).

Lipp continues to explore the landscape from an emotion driven perspective, creating exposures that shed light on his relationship with himself and the environment he is drawn to explore.

"I try to photograph things that can't be seen, and instead, felt."

Photo: Movana Chen 

Photo: Movana Chen